2018 ZinMan Reserve
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2018 ZinMan Reserve
2018 ZinMan Reserve

What is the difference between ZinMan and Zinman Reserve? Imagine if the ZinMan put on a tuxedo. There you have it...

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Aromas of sweet blackberry preserves, chocolate and pepper fill your glass. The matured, rich tannins coat your mouth and finish with mouth watering acidity. 

The legend of the ZinMan can be traced all the way back to the days of the Gold Rush. It was then that reports first trickled in about a mystical creature known to sprinkle ZinDust upon the high altitude vines of the Sierra Foothills. Over 150 years later, the fruits of his labors can be experienced in the bottles of ZinMan wine, infused with ZinDust and the magical flavors that make up Perry Creek Wines. 

It captures the Sierra Foothills balance of power and seems to have everything in the right proportions, including the price. Jim Gordon - Wine Enthusiast